What do you stress out about most when getting your kids ready for back to school? I feel like this year was so much different than the last two. I have 4 kids. Two of them are school age this year. This is the first year where the boys actually had a definite opinion on what they wanted to wear. The no longer want to be “cute”. If I, god forbid. tell them an outfit is cute, they immediately demand to be changed and tell me they want to be “cool”…not cute. What does cool even mean at the ages of 5 & 7?! It means name brand athletic wear…my arch nemesis. I always swore my kids wouldn’t dress that way. I was adamant that my boys would continue to wear polo shirts with a bow tie and cooridnating hat. HA! Those days are LONG GONE! These tiny humans only want to wear dry fit shirts, mesh shorts, and black mid-calf shorts. Shoot. Me. Now.

Actually, don’t shoot me. If my biggest concern and struggle sending my kids back to school is that I don’t love the “sporty” outfits they’ve chosen, then I need to count myself completely blessed. There are millions of mothers and fathers out there that have far greater concerns. Concerns about their children not getting enough to eat. Now that, my friends, is something to get worked up about. Not..mesh shorts.

I was truly floored when reading the statistics on children in the U.S. who aren’t getting enough to eat on a daily basis. Right away I thought about how that would make me feel as a mother. Seriously, the guilt (which is ridiculous) of not getting my kids everything they beg for clothing wise is enough to do me in. I cannot imagine how that would feel to know your not able to provide your child with enough food to sustain them on a daily basis. Then I thought about these sweet little kids. How much shame and embarrassment must come with not having enough to eat. Im sure that prevents a lot of them from even saying anything. What school age child would want their classmates to know that they were hungry? Then think about sitting through a school day with hunger pains. It makes my mama heart hurt. I can’t.

When Gordmans wanted to partner up for the No Kid Hungry campaign, I jumped at the chance. To show them how fortunate they are and how good it feels to help our friends. Selfishly, this was also the best scenario for back to school shopping. Gordmans has THE best deals on all things home and clothing. We scored so many amazing deals. It felt so good to keep saying “yes!” to the shirts and shorts the boys picked out. We got quadruple the clothes, for a fraction of the cost, of what we got them last year at the outlet mall.

I took the 3 “Big Kids” on a shopping trip into our local Gordmans…or as the kids call it…the big purple store. Right when we walked in, we saw the lunch bags and totes that can be purchased to help fight childhood hunger. The bags retail for $9.98, and 50% of the sale price goes to the No Kid Hungry campaign. There is a little tag on the bag that says $5 can provide 50 meals for a child. FIFTY MEALS! The kids were more than happy to pick out their favorite bag!

We quickly headed over to the backpack section, which was on the way back to the dreaded sports and mesh shorts section. The boys each found a back pack within 20 seconds. They were both over the moon. One shark backpack, and one (insert gasp) Air Jordan backpack. When we made it to the clothing section, I am pretty sure Londons head was about to explode. He was in a sea of name brand t-shirts and shorts and I said yes to it all. My head was about to explode over the prices. Literally, all of our shirts were $5.99…minus two that were $9.99. I felt like Oprah for the afternoon! I was queen of saying yes and the kids just had a ball. We were able to get shirts, shorts, socks, undies, backpacks, lunchboxes, shoes, and even a couple “back to school toys”.

I cannot say enough how much we love Gordmans. I remember getting my back to school clothes at Gordmans when I was a little girl. It was so much fun to take the kids shopping (literally never thought those words would ever come out of my mouth) and to be able to get the kids everything they needed for school…and also everything they wanted.

Go to http://www.gordmans.com to find a Gordmans near you and to also find your lunch bag for the No Kid Hungry campaign. For the cost of a couple Starbucks drinks, you can help feed a child 50 meals. That is so amazing! #sponsored #fuelkidsfutures #gotitatgordmans

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