Hello there, sweet friends! It has been so long since I have posted here! I can’t believe we are now into July! Where in the actual heck did June go?!?!? Noah turned 4 on June 14. She had ALL the opinions when it came to her theme. Mermaids, Unicorns, and a slip-n-slide were non negotiable’s for my little teenager-in-training. Not wanting to disappoint my magical little girl, I headed into Gordmans to make all her dreams come true!

I headed into my local Gordmans and went straight back to the toy section. On my way back, I found the motherhood of summer fun. Their seasonal section was filled with baby pools, water slides, goggles, bubbles, outdoor games, swimming suits for the family, towels, pool toys, water games, lawn chairs, sleeping bags, and tents. I filled my cart to the brim and continued making my way to the toy section.

If music had been playing, the sounds of angelic choirs singing would have begun. Never, in my life, have I seen more unicorn merchandise. Noah would have squealed with joy, had she been there. I found some mermaid jars that could be used as utensil holders for her party. I am pretty sure I was more excited to find these than she was to see them. Nothing better than living your childhood fantasies through your daughters birthday party. I was even able to find myself the absolute cutest unicorn coffee mug.

We usually use Noah’s birthday as a kick off to summer party. This year, was by far, the most magical party we’ve thrown (and not just because of the theme.) I was able to get a mini pool for the little babes, a dual slip-n-slide for the big kids, gunny sacks for sack races, fishing poles and fish to put in the baby pool, water balloons, and a game of horseshoes.

I can’t tell you how much fun this party was for the kids. I have a habit of building events up in my head to be something magical and going off without a hitch. I am usually left very stressed and disappointed. This party, was completely the opposite. We had kids at our house for hours on end. We had something for every age group to play with. We had hours of laughing and joyful screaming. The best part was, it was all totally affordable and left us with endless fun for the remainder of the summer.

With four young kids, it isn’t often that I’m left feeling like the day was magical. Noah’s party, and our kick off to summer, was absolutely that. Completely and utterly magical. Go to http://www.gordmans.com/ to find your closet Gordmans. I promise you won’t be disappointed! They have everything you need to make your summer magical!

XOX0, Katie

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