So here it is. My very first blog post. I have been saying “my blog is coming soon” for months now. To be honest with you, I have typed this out 42 times and deleted it. I want to impress you with my first post. Make the months of waiting worth it. But, lets be honest, Im not the gifted writer in my family. Thats my sister, Rachel. She should actually be writing this. This is not my strong suit. Im better at making people laugh and showing them the ropes of finding target steals. I hope your not going to be bored to death reading my posts. Are you bored already?! Well too bad. Your here now, you might as well ride this out and finish reading!

I suppose I should formally introduce myself, if you don’t already know me. My name is Katie Starks (or was that obvious from the name of my blog?!). I am 36 years old, married to Luther (but refer to often as “Richard” from Tommy Boy), have four kids ages 7,5,3, and 1, and am a stay at home mom. I have always loved home decor, crafting, diy projects, finding deals, spending hours and hours at Target each weak, and love to shop. Im basically basic. Luther has said for a couple years that he could see me blogging. He has always been my biggest cheerleader. Every time he’d catch me following a new blogger, he’d say “that should be you. I can totally see you doing that.” I also have the habit of way over sharing my parenting fails on facebook and instagram, and so many friends have told me I should blog about it. My biggest hold up in doing that was I feel like I have two brain cells left….and they are fighting. My kids have literally sucked my brain dry. I literally hadn’t even been on a computer in like 10 years. Also…my writing…is meh to say the least. Please don’t judge me. Kidding. You can judge me. If your still reading this, judge away!

I read ‘Girl Wash Your Face’ last fall and just felt like it was written to me. For me. I was at this place in life where I felt like I was drowning caring for everyone but me. Her book freed me to go after something that lights my soul on fire other than my family. I just felt like God spoke through her book to me. Saying “Its ok Katie. I put these desires in your heart, now its up to you to go after them”. And that is where this blog came from. I am not even sure where its going. Heck, I don’t even know how to finish setting the dang thing up! So if you click on something and it leads to nowhere….my apologies. Im basically 90 years old when it comes to technology. But if I keep waiting until my blog is “fully finished” to launch it….I legit will be 90 when I do!

What I hope you get from my blog is a good chuckle, some cute outfit inspo’s, hair and make up tutorials, home decor, dinner ideas, maybe some DIY projects, and a place where you can feel like your not alone. Im not the blogger that will only show you a picture perfect life. I love Jesus. I adore my husband. I have amazing children (thats a lie….a couple of them suck…but lets just go with it) and a pretty amazing life. But I am also a mom who struggled with post partum depression and anxiety…..who is tired…and over laundry…and never ending complaining from her kids….non stop messes…and fighting…and swearing (remember I said I love Jesus)….and messes….and laundry…and carpool…and grocery shopping….and messes…and laundry…..with a little more laundry. Life can be hard. Motherhood can suck. And thats ok. This is a safe place to say and feel that! I like to show pretty things but also be real at the same time. Maybe I should change my blog title to that?!

Thanks for being part of this with me. Im glad you came. I hope you come back!


ps…..ive stared at this for an hour. I keep going to post it and then decide not to. Why am I so nervous?! Ok….doing it now. Wish me luck!!! AGH!!!