You know your older than crap when your Friday night consists of cleaning up the kitchen, putting your half of the kids to bed (I put the 1 & 3 year old to bed and Luther puts the 5 & 7 year old to bed….divide and conquer!) and you sit on the couch, next to a roaring fire, with a “Don’t be Tardy for the Party” marathon on TV, and a computer on your lap….and your excited about it.

We had our first taste of spring this week and headed to the zoo. It was so so SO nice to be outside and feel sunshine beating down on me! I can’t wait for open windows, fresh air, and my kids to be the heck out of my house and playing outside!! This winter was brutal and I feel like I’ve been hung over from it for months!

This has been SUCH a long week. We are getting ready to put our house on the market and trying to fix everything up. I guess I had turned a blind eye to what a dump our house has turned into over the last 9 years (I blame those four minions that call me mama). Do you know how many cabinets and drawers I have found the words “I suck” written on them?! I even climbed into my car this week to find “I suck” written on MY seat in my car. IN INK! My 7 year old is the only one who can spell….and he immediately denied it. Oh…your right London…it must have been ME then! Of course I’d write “I suck” on my leather seats! That wasn’t even the worst thing I’ve discovered this week. I went downstairs to find the cord for my LED nail lamp….you know so I can do my own gel manicure….and Luther said he thought one of the kids had it in the toy room. I emptied out every single wicker basket. At one point, one of the baskets dripped on me. I could smell urine. It didn’t take me long to scream for the boys. Turns out, instead of walking 10 feet to the bathroom while playing madden on xbox (thats a lie….they were playing roblox but I don’t want you judging me for that) they just peed directly into their toys in the baskets. WHAT!? WHY?! IS THIS REAL LIFE?!?! Apparently it is. My real life. I may have lost my mind and left my body for a few seconds as I proceeded to dump all 12…TWELVE…baskets of stinky pee toys into garbage bags. The boys were stunned silent. Maybe that was God’s blessing. I needed to sort toys and get rid of a lot of them for listing our house. Im not sure we are going to survive the listing process. Pray for me people.

Anyway…I am still learning my way around this blog. I still haven’t figured out how to enable of the widgets (do you know what a widget is?! I didn’t…and still don’t know how the F to make them all work or do what I want)….but my hope is to have a post up at least once a week for all the products I’ve listed. Ive got my “shop my looks” for you….where you can shop my app….but I want to offer more than just that. So we will see. At the pace I’m going, it’ll be functioning in 17 years!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend….and that nobody pees in your expensive target baskets or tags your car seat with “I suck”! Thanks for stopping by, my sweet friends!!! LOVE YOU!